Miami Officers Count Lil' Pump's Money — It's All $1 Bills!

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In one of our biggest stories to date, Real World Police has exclusively acquired footage from the December 2018 arrest of music sensation Lil' Pump and his manager Dooney Battle. Over the coming days we will be sharing it with you, taking you on a journey into the inner circle of a contemporary music and pop culture icon.

On December 13, 2018 certified-triple-platinum rapper Lil' Pump was arrested at Miami International Airport after a baggage handler reported the presence of a bag that "reeked of weed." Examination of that bag revealed that it was tagged with Pump's given name: Gazzy Garcia. Pump and his entourage were deplaned and ultimately were denied boarding as an epic shouting match ensued between Pump & Co. and responding officers from Miami-Dade Police Department.

Complicating the situation was the fact that the bag actually wasn't Garcia's, and all - well, at least most - of his frustrated protestations were eventually revealed to have been truthful. But they had crossed the line, said the cops, between ‘trying to resolve an annoying situation’ and disorderly conduct.

At least, that’s what the cops told him. You see,. Real World Police has not only obtained body camera footage from this incident, but we have obtained that footage without a single redaction. Which means that not only will you be provided with an inside look into the arrest, but also with an unprecedented window into the thoughts and decision-making process of responding officers and their supervisors. Never before has footage like this been made available.

Media reports at the time of Pump’s arrest indicated that the rapper had been arrested on a disorderly conduct charge, but neither the media nor the general public knows the full extent of what happened that afternoon at Miami International Airport.

Let's change that.

Note: This incident took place at Miami International Airport. Redactions have been made in order to avoid revealing operational and security procedures, access codes, and the like. Similarly, the personal information of Lil' Pump and his traveling companions has been redacted. Just because Pump is a public figure doesn't mean you can have his phone number. (You're welcome, Mr. Garcia.)


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