How to Get Signed to a Record Label (Even if you have NO followers!)

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Follow these 12 steps to get signed to the label of your choice even if you have no followers, no contacts and no track record. This is the EXACT method I used to get signed to EDX's label, Sirup Music, using no contacts or followers - Basically from cold.

Check out the track here: https://sirupmusic.lnk.to/DontWannaLose

Getting signed to a record label opens doors and opportunities (if you target the right labels), and you can make contacts, build a reputation, and benefit from the label’s network.

WARNING! Don’t make this mistake!
If you are targeting a larger label, don’t bother sending your track to the demo inbox. These guys get hundreds of submissions every week (most of which suck), and the chances are that yours will slip through the cracks. This is amateur, and we’re going to be a bit cleverer in our approach.

Here are the steps:

1. Choose 1 or 2 labels to target.
2. Make GREAT music that’s right for that label.
3. Sort out a professional-looking SoundCloud profile.
4. Research other artists on that label and make a list.
5. Check their social media. Highlight those with less than 30k followers.
6. Reach out and provide value to them. Help them. Build rapport.
7. Be genuine and ask if they’ll check out your music.
8. If they say yes (and only then), send them a private SoundCloud link.
9. If they like it, ask if they could share it with someone at the label.
10. If they DON’T like it, ask for honest feedback.
11. Keep the relationship going. Be cool. Don’t spam.
12. Build the snowball effect. Be professional. Give, give, give.

For even more detail on this, click here:


Hope you enjoy!

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