5 Easy Tips Before You Submit Your Demo to a Record Label [Tutorial]

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Mathias from Rexius Records is giving 5 easy tips before sending a demo to a record label. What to do and what not to do.

When you have watched the video you can submit your demo to us if you dare here: https://www.rexiusrecords.com/submit-demo

Tip #1 Send something you are proud of
We receive roughly 40-50 demos per day
We only give you around 30 seconds. If you are not interesting in 30 seconds, you are out. That’s just the way it is. So first of all send us a link that actually works. To many people send us a demo where the link Is broken and doesnät even work. Send us something interesting

Tip #2 Make it interesting.
We don’t want to read your life story. To be honest with you we won’t read anything before we have listened to your music. So in case your music sucks, I’m sorry but we’re not going to read anything about you. But if your music is good enough. We’re going to read about you, so make it interesting, make it trustworthy, make it sound like you know what you are doing. Send us who you are, where you are from, what you’ve done in the music business, and where you are headed, if you don’t know who you are and where you are headed, how should we know.

Tip #3 (A great one) Do not suck!
Don’t ask your mom if you are good enough, shes going to tell you are great anyhow. Instead ask 10 random people if your music is good enough. If you don’t have the guts to ask 10 people if your music is good enough, then this is nothing for you.

Tip #4 Do not send a cover
Covers are great for promoting yourself on YouTube, but they’re not really great for sending to a record label. We want to hear something original that you have made. We want to hear what you have done, what you have to offer the music business. So do not send a cover.

Tip #5 Do not brag!
A big man doesn’t need to tell people he is big. It’s kind of obvious. We get so many demos sent to us where people say I’m the shit, I’m the new whatever, I’m the new rockstar. Do you know what? You probably s&ck if you say that because if you have to tell people you are the shit, you are probably not the shit. You are probably really terrible.

5 tips how to not look like a jackass when sending music to a record label.

1. Send something you are proud of
2. Make it interesting
3. Do not s&ck
4. Do not send a cover
5. Do not brag

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