Angry Birds Blues | All Episodes Mashup - Special Compilation

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Check out this special compilation with ALL Angry Birds Blues episodes and enjoy more than one hour of Jake, Jay Jim and the Hatchlings! What is your favorite episode?

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Meet Blues Jake, Jay and Jim, rambunctious blue bird triplets with big ideas that wildly succeed or hilariously fail. But no matter what happens, this fun feathered trio ALWAYS bounces back... except when the Hatchlings show up. Cute, clueless and gullible, the lovable flock of baby birds unwittingly makes things worse for the Blues in the most adorable way. Unfazed, the brothers simply shake their smoldering tail feathers and try, try again. Whether it’s building a clubhouse ordered from the Mighty Eagle Express, or getting a kite to fly, the Blues’ crazy antics become unbelievable comic disasters you can’t resist. Every day on Bird Island is an adventure for these unstoppable brothers.

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