La Casa De Papel | Behind The Scenes | Funniest Moments. #part 1

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Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo
Álvaro Morte as Le professeur
pedro alonso as Berlin
Alba Flores as Nairobi
Paco Tous as Moscu
Miguel Herrán as Rio
Jaime Menéndez Lorente as Denfer


check new funny design la casa de papel ⬇️⬇️⬇️😍🔥🔥

Mahesh Kj

Berlin my favorite 😍❤💋

Just Adulting

I think the title must be 100 reasons to love Berlin.

Мария Аруовна

Русские есть?

Smita Chakraborty


hello bro

Moscow fans like


We all want the legend back.

R.I.P Berlin...

lego schule


George Kalkandis

Nairobi te amo con toda mi corazón 💓 lloré cuando te vi muriendo de gandias . Ojalá podrías ver mi comentario porque realmente te admiro y te amo desde lo más profundo de mi corazón . Amor de Grecia 🇬🇷💓💓💓TU ERES LA PUTA AMA!😁

A l e x a The bitch

Acá esta el comentario en español like si amas a Berlín <3

Anusha Krishnan


19BIT012 Dinakenthiran.D

Raghel fans🤚

Ok Ysaf

блин, классно же)

Hamstergaming TV

2:43min den Stuhl hab ich auch


Pov:every one wish to be the tabel that Berlin jump😂

KinoFilms TV

https://youtu.be/PzhyFXZ4al8 Бумажный дом

papa muda

i love u berlin

Vikas Singh

Love it every character of Money Heist ...

Rosendal Jr.

i need berlin back 😭

2 Dxce

They're not just a cast, they're a family

sud speaks

This show makes me want to learn Spanish

Jan Hradil

why are you adding the music? It's super distracting when you can hear 2 songs playing at the same time

Genesis Sheeran

Arturito has the most punchable face in the whole series


Berlin is Spanish Trevor philips

laras kinanti

Is the funny things ever

Akash Singh

I have seen a lot now person with most serious roles are the most entertaining in real life if u know what I mean

Giang Trà Trần

0:00-0:42 every person's dream

Varsha Aravind

Berlin fans cime on😍😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙


the best

Ayman’s Games

1:23 what is alba Agatha jimenes or Nairobi doing

Стеван Опачић

wich , i wanna in the his film or serieis .But i wanna see a Tokyo and Berlin

One life baby

Look at Berlin 😂😂😂😂

Edina Kriffel


Winston Saavedra

Belat ciao belat ciao belat ciao ciao ciao

Labas mga bisaya!! Belat!!! 😂😂

Katarína Mušinská

What is the name of this mix of Bella Ciao? I love it!! 😍

athu binsha

https://youtu.be/RadYr0cEPk8..... Money heist mosaic....

il dio del gaming

The musical is shit

peter loungs

berlin is so funny instead of his serious character


Я скучаю по вами дико❤️😭😭

Pocket Films

Berlin is 48 yrs old still he is the childish and cool in life❣️

Lesia М.О

Бумажный дом😅😍😍🥰🥰😍 обожааааю

Gavriel Cortez

pedro jumping on darko got me 😂😂

паровозик Томас


Rsports Stream


Мартин Ознецян

Как же я в них влюбился 😍 Рио особенно красотка 😍

Miguel Canaviral

I think berlin has the capability of becoming the joker

MASHALLA einfach die hübsche

Lacasa de papel 🤑



FNDG LUPO lupo cristiano

Complimentoni e una serie fantastica e soprattutto tokio l atrice e molto bella


Berlin berlin berlin... he is the only one leed the team

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