'I'm OK!' Four-year-old US girl tries extremely hard to enjoy her mum's cooking

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While pretending to like her mum's spaghetti this four-year-old girl gives away the game by gagging a couple of times.

Annie is recording her daughter, Piper, and says, "it looks like you're enjoying yourself" as she swallows another mouthful and almost brings it back up again in hilarious fashion.

Piper even tries to hide her disgust by quickly smiling after she gags on her dinner.

Annie told Newsflare: "I had made spaghetti, like I had done many times before, with no one disliking it. It's actually a dinner all my 3 kids will eat!

"We were all sitting down at dinner eating, and I look over at my daughter and she is gagging with every bite she's taking.

"She isn't saying anything to me like she doesn't like it or she doesn't want to finish it. She just keeps eating it and gagging. So I took out my phone and started filming it.

"I could not stop laughing, she wasn't complaining or anything. I told her she didn't need to finish her dinner if she didn't like it. She just looked up at me and said 'oh good'."

This video was filmed in 2017 in the family's Mesa, Arizona, home.

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