A pot of wine among watermelon fields.So…The life of watermelons and grapes?瓜间一壶酒,西瓜和葡萄的一生?

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You reap what you’ve sown. You plant grapes, and it’s the grapes that you get.
Having eaten the watermelon, don’t discard the rind!
Make it into pickles, cold dishes, and savories in soy sauce.
Last year I dug these grape seedlings from my relatives’ yard,
And this is the first time they bear fruits.
The harvest is quite modest, but enough to brew a pot of wine.
Eat well, drink well, and it’s yet another full day.
(Warning: Brewing at home is dangerous. Don’t try it.)

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Anon Austria

A group dinner with your camera team or friends? It’s very lovely to see, how many different meals do you prepare for all . Enjoy your meal and Ganbei🎋🥂🌹

Daddy Emon

I love watching liziqi cooking videos.
once my GF cooked a meal for me.
now I'm single.😥

Wouter de Vries

So is the guy behind the camera her husband and is the girl her daughter?
I'm new

Nurjahan Jyothi

I am always wait for your new videos

Megan Megan

ฉันชอบดูคุณ. คุณเป็นผู้หญิงที่เก่งyou are very strong I like you

Raiza Mreis

Liziqi, o mundo se encontra aqui nos seus comentários!

Macy Leung

Always love your vlogs 😍😍😍 Your dogs are so cute 🥰🥰 Keep up with the hardwork 👍👍👍👍

Raiza Mreis

Ela já plantou todo o lado de dentro do quintal, agora ta mandando ver no lado de fora kkkkk linda, maravilhosa


rumah lau di mekarsari apa gimana sih bry :(

Nadja Lima

Esse canal é maravilhoso 🇧🇷❤️❤️

James Lam


Farasat Ullah Khan

U live in heaven

elana thurman


Dosto & Time

You have to fix phone display

Ivan Godoy

Amo todos os seus Vídeos 👏👏👏👏
Eu sou Ivan
Da cidade de Arcoverde Estado de Pernambuco

Jaroslava Lonchyna

Watermelon husks are edible?!!!


i got one only one question will you marry me

g stu

بس ريد عرف هل اكل كله تأكله

Ash Kachui

This trending in USA.


The moment where the Camera man is involved to drink and eat - such a happy moment XD

Pedro Jorge Moraes Menezes


Thanshing Machinao

Li ziqi your simplicity, kindness, patience, skills and inner peace of mind have made the world admire you.Everything that Li touches becomes a magic.
She deserves a bigger recognition around the world.

joan urbiztondo

Liziqi is now getting a bit thicker just a little bit. She Looks great

Nancy Ankner

Love what you did with watermelon rinds...I'm going to try cooking with them. Great way to reduce food waste.

Didin NH

Wanita idaman ❤️❤️❤️

Fitzwafo Channel

Imagine living a life with Liziqi 🥰

The Aquarian Empress


Anne Caroline Sousa de Almeida

Ela sempre consegui me impressionar 👏👏🤩


Nobody wants to man the camera when offered some wine. 😂

Yu Lung Law

每次看完好感动她对婆婆的爱 和对厨房的热爱 feel so touched every time I watch her video. The passion and love she shows to her grandma and her daily work❤️❤️❤️

Ирина Лесничая

Такая хрупкая молодая красивая девушка управляется со строительным материалом не хуже мужчины,

Kannan Rsr

First time that man see this video, camera man 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Arindam Ghorai

Where can I find those wine glasses?


If I could escape the city and live how she's living, I would!

Naezan brito

Oi!!.. Lii,vovó viu a uva.
... Deus a abençoe...
Sempre. Amém!!...




in an apocalypse I want her on my team...

Charlie Clark

IF anyone is interested and have a few minutes to spare, I'm starting to make short films and sketches now and have started posting on my channel. Would really appreciate if you guys checked it out and Subscribed :-) Better stuff to come SOON. Sorry for sounding all spammy and annoying... I hate myself for it too haha! xX Xx

Rh Vb

Merciiiiii 😍

Svetlana DM

I watch and constantly admire, I learn a lot from you. Thank you!

Liza Akter

rakkhosh er bachcha gulan akhono pork khawa off kore nai? 🤬😡🤮

منتظر محمد


Liza Akter

Still they didn’t stop to eat pork? 😡👏

Kc F


Thu Ngo

Is there anything you can’t do . Such a inspiration love your video

Ari Ana

Interesting and confused..I dont now 🤷‍♀️💕

Dieter Müller

Top 👍👍👍


田间桃红柳绿,院内瓜果飘香,多么诗意的生活,怎不令人心向往之?子柒的视频仿佛一幅中国水墨画,沉静,优雅而美丽! 喜欢😊🌹



Mojiba Rahman Soha

Today, the disease has been created for you as much as the meat of dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs has spread the disease because of your country.Corona

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