❝I'll always be waiting for you❞ | Tale of the Nine Tailed ● Heartbeat

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Hello sorry for the late upload. It's just a crazy stressful week. The work is never ending. I will only have one edit for this week because I have too much schoolwork to do. I hope you guys can understand. I did enjoy watching the two new episodes amidst all the crazy stress I was dealing with. At least I have this drama to look forward to and your comments to read under these videos. By the way, thank you so much for 20+ K views on the previous edit. It's definitely getting more attention than I thought it would. If you joined my channel because of that video, thanks for the support and welcome! I post at least one TOTNT edit each week so please stay tuned. We still have three more weeks of this drama and I will probably find another drama to edit soon after. :)

Please show this video some love too. I actually spent six hours editing the song only to come to something I did not like so I had to start over. The first version had too many different clips in it and I was going to show their relationship from the very beginning but I didn't like the flow of the dialogue. It just wasn't neat and because the story was off, I didn't feel like it would be worth sharing. I'll probably start making more comprehensive ones over the next two weeks when I have time and am not swamped by midterms and projects. So anyways I started making this one at 1 AM today and stayed up until 4 AM working on it even though I had class in a few hours. And then I finally finished at around 3 PM (and now it's posted at 6PM just because there were a lot of technical difficulties) and I still have tons of work piled up. :( Yeah, so I can't be the only one that loves Yeon and JiAh... feel free to share any thoughts in the comments.

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✰ Information ✰
Drama: Tale of the Nine Tailed: Once the guardian of the Baekdu-daegan mountain range, Lee Yun is a legendary nine-tailed fox, travelling back and forth between the mortal world and the afterlife killing demons. He takes human form and settles in the city, completely assimilating into human society. Nam Ji Ah is a TV producer who specializes in supernatural investigative TV programs. When she hears of a genuine nine-tailed fox living in the city, she is determined to get him as a guest on her TV show. Lee Rang, the step-brother of Lee Yun, is thought to be the most dangerous nine-tailed fox. Being half-human, he hates humans and uses his powers to take advantage of them.
Episodes: 1-10
Coloring: Mine
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

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