The Most BEAUTIFUL Piano Chord of All Time

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What do you think the most beautiful piano chord of all time is? Some pianists would argue that the most beautiful piano chord is some crazy jazz chord with lot’s of strange notes in it. But to me, the most beautiful piano chord is one that be used on the simplest chord progressions. In fact, this chord can be used in place of a regular C Major chord. Therefore, my all-time favorite piano chord is extremely useful because you can use anytime you would otherwise play a simple major chord. In today’s piano lesson, you will learn:

- The Heaven Chord (The Most Beautiful Chord of All Time)
- A Trick to Quickly Remembering the Chord
- The Heaven Chord Construction
- Using Heaven Chord on Multiple Chords
- Heaven Chord in Piano Progressions
- Accompaniment with the Heaven Chord
- Using the Heaven Chord as an Intro

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Jonny May