9-year-old 'quick hands' Texan has all the viral hockey moves

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Nine-year-old Kaden Galatiuk showed off his mad hockey skills in the Texan city of Saint Antonio after a video of his practice drills went viral online.

Kaden’s father Rob, himself a former professional hockey player, posted the ‘quick hands’ practice drill on Instagram where it caught the attention of the National Hockey League (NHL).

"They asked if they could use Kaden's video to share and I was like, 'sure, that's fine', so from there it took off, from every other sports company and major networks reached out to us to post it," said Rob Galatiuk.

Rob, who is currently working as a fireman in the Texan city, has even built an ice hockey rink for his son in the backyard.

"We have one ice rink in the huge city of one million people or more so, for the opportunity for Kaden if he wanted to play hockey, I thought that I need to make anything possible for him to do."

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