Get Behind the Wheel In The Joy Ride Update | Fortnite

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Get behind the wheel of the new #FortniteJoyRide Update! Read more here: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/news/joy-ride-update

Buckle up. Blow past enemies with the Whiplash or go full throttle through structures with the Mudflap. Experience the Joy Ride with this new update now.

Wherever you find yourself on the Island, jump behind the wheel with your squadmates and venture out to find more friends (or enemies).

Need some jams for your joyride? Blast some tunes on your favorite channel with all-new radio stations. (And if you’re a Content Creator, remember that you can disable Licensed Audio in the Audio settings.)

Also, some advice to help you outlast your opponents: if you aren’t near a Gas Pump, you can fuel up with one of the throwable Gas Cans scattered around the Island. These can be refilled at any Gas Pump you arrive at later.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Learn More: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/


yeah haha lets put another large object in game that can destroy structures!

Solid Acorn



What have we become that fortnite removing cars inside their games means more when it comes to BLM

BajaRoad 413

Dummy skin: Another normal customer...


Toy cars btw

That One Guy Who knows where you live

Fortnite player: “hey! I’m walking here”
Me: so you have chosen, Death.

Xenos_ 56

Thank you fortnite


Fortnite: Drive Safe
Everyone: well yes but actually no


Does anyone actually still play this game ever single day still

I can think of worst reasons to go to rehab


Who else cant wait to destroy build fights with these bad boys LOL

Sunny D

It’s kinda sad that a game that basically swore not to be basic is now VERY BASIC.

Sam Foxley

Please die soon fortnite and let other games have a chance


I don't care what the trailer looked like I better not see any drunk drivers out there.

Go subscribe to THE REAL PLAIZ YT

The gs when we pass our diving test do be like:


Epic: Let’s make the update 24 hours so nobody can use them and then we’ll take them out do to technical difficulties

Miguel RG

R u adding toreto from fast & furious?

Stephen Bonville

Yes no more car’s clickbait


Omg great update! Too bad I won’t see it or play the game because that cancer charged shotgun still in the game and the pump is still vaulted

Le rien 4879

Svp j’ai pas de skin vous pourriez me donner un mon pseudo alex 48791 est j’aimerais bien le skin scorpion svp

Kennedy _star

Uh oh I'm worried cuz i can't drive ??✨

Taliyah Sariah


William Mayorga

They doing too much

RGSX Gamer69

Fortnite is constantly making worse and worse updates because they want people to stop play.

Change my mind.

ninja pufferfish

This is the closest im coming to quitting this game. Just so much waiting just to be let down. The community completly sucks and has no clue what the game needs. I have been waiting for the hypernova skin for like 200 days now. Every gun is just a nerfed version of its original self. Epic dosent care about console players at all. We are nerfed along with pc controller which isnt reasonable since our aim assist on console has never been good. Sbmm ruins all enjoyment and makes it only sweaty and no interesting encounters or entertainment. I woke up this morning excited when I saw they had a radio station for monstercat in the cars, just for them to turn off radio stations, let alone they picked a terrible tracklist from monstercat to add to the game. I dont know how much more of this i can tolerate from this game. It sucks so badly cause this game was amazing and still should be, but epic dosent care about it anymore.


Where's my cop cars

Fizzo Bucker

"Whoever Reading this Will Be a Billionaire in the next 4 years" ???

Everybody : we are tired of Lockdown ???

podemos llegar a 10,000 de subs sin ningún video

No me lo tomén a mal.
Pueden apoyarme con una suscribción,mi sueño es ser YouTube pero he recibido ofensas, humillaciones de parte de mis amigos pero con el apoyó de ustedes lograré callar bocas.
Suscríbeteee! Y que dios bendiga a tu familia y a ti ?❣️
Regreso la suscribción!!

Mano Atia

all the 12 year olds right now are going crazy!!!

Joseph Ashcroft


Banana :3

The radio on point tho


Imagine 3 am everybody’s sleeping lofi hip hop music getting on with the boys recreating jfks assasination


The Fast and the furious be like 0:08 - 0:28

Amandeep Atwal

Bring back paragon!!

Just Toxic

The worst update of the worst season

Sam Winter

Fortnite is GTA now

Mario Le’Rayous

Ahh yesss...now kids can do drive-bys in a video game. I can’t wait to drive-by a squad and pull up with the pistol (in Fortnite). This will teach kids how to properly do a drive-by and then run from the scene.

thE PeRsOn

Bruh my PS4 is broken...


Fortnite: "drive safe"
me: "no i dont think i will"

Big Chungus

When you pass your driving test after 5 years

BSS_ Kakashi-Sensei

Fortnite: adds cars...

Me on my iPad Air 2: FPS drop every time i see or drive one...

Chris Trager

Epic realized how good GTA V is doing now so of course they gotta do something that makes their game like all the other open world sandbox games are.

Ethan Activity

Can I please have custom matchmaking key I'm a youtuber plz I will do hide and seeks soon plz

Emi's channel

Leute! Schaut mal bitte bei @BroadcastMyAss vorbei! Sie verdienen viel mehr Abos ❤

lixard XP

So excited to see the map full of cars so its Impossible to win


Time 4 some james bond driving with eurobeat in the background

Nene_ Universe

Was that a Jesse reference at the end?


0:30 after she got in the wrong kind of taxi

MinD OvR MatR

I’m just waiting for the entire new YouTube section for fast and furious and fortnight related topics that is just been birthed

Jok Er

The max violence fortnite can reach

Samuel Biswas

Wtf has fortnite turned into... was fun In then beggining then they got update happy and added all these stupid features

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