The 100 ★ Cast In Real Life

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? The 100 ★ Cast In Real Life

The 100 Cast in Real Life

Hi guys ? New video about actors from The 100 It's also a bit then and now, I couldn't decide really. I also put here many funny moment and behind the scenes, so enjoy and thanks for support ?

Main Cast:
Paige Turco as Dr. Abigail Griffin
Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane
Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Christopher Larkin as Monty Green
Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
Richard Harmon as John Murphy
Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha
Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan

Music provided by Frequency
Cour - Rainforest
Reeck - Firebird
Seum Dero - Bind Us
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I started watching the 100 like a few months ago it was also the first time i got introduced on Netflix. The serie is so freakin awesome i still have 2 seasons to go, and the cast really amazing work! Thank you all



Kerry Waynes

Lo que no me gusta de de la serie que hay muchos errores

i felps

5:37 Oh MY GOD!!!

NotAzin FF

Pq acabastes ó série amada

NotAzin FF

Cadê os Br opressores?

Noris Antepara

02:12 alguien más cantó con ellos? Creo que soy la única jaja

Tan Mark

no one talking about indra i wonder why???

Victoria Sanders


මම මගේ මුහුණ ඔහු වෙතට තැබුවෙමි මම ක්ලෙයාර්ව දැකලා තියෙනවාමම ඔහුට කීවෙමි

Ahmad Noor

I quit watching the series when finn died.
He was the best

Camila Ojeda

Bro they looked and look so so youung


The 100 Season 01 to 07 (With Subtitle) - Free Download

Louise Fourie

i still cant stop thinking about how clarcke killed Fin!!!!

Minho'sjuicyThighs ᔽ

Jasper, Monty and Lincoln are my favorite characters ??
Now it's Murphy, Raven and Octavia

Demmyball Temptation

I ship Clark and Bellamy

Tyler _

Octavia tho ?


Jasper was just a vibe

Malkia Penelope Ndoole

I cant possibly be the only one who never liked Clarke from the start and still dont. Never say it to avoid bad comments but cant force or pretend

Dhruva Rajnish


Nicole ann Ternida

Umm im wathing that im in S.2 Ep. 8

Jordan Elias Palacios Garcia

I wait the seventh season

Domenic Arena

Most slept on show out there

Jader Jader

Beautiful cast, loved this show since the beginning, thank u all! GREAT JOB!

Georgia Cropper

Nadia Hilker is 31
now who wants to tell?

Руслан Мальцев

Реально задело за душу ?????♥️


Anyone realise Indra was in Outer Banks?

Alex Smith


Ishraq Siam Arts

Red queen & Murphy are the best

Acoustic atbp

I love this series cant wait fot the next season ??

No Limit

Is that Jaha or polo G?

Sherry Doodle-All-Day

Raven is the most annoying character.

Georg Blloku

i love this sponge bob boy 7:30

Müslüm Gürses

they are using tiktok

i m out


hello, what's the music at the start of the video?


Anyone else have this love-hate relationship with Abby? Just me.. k

juanchisgames2017 mora

Acá está el comentario en español que buscabas

feiki lop


Frank Mattingly

Love this series sad to see it go. Clark my favorite character

Daouda Seck

Ah je sais pas si vous comprenez bien le français mais moi j'aimerai voir Raven✌?
Ah ce film me plait beaucoup j'ai tout regarder jusqu'à la dernière sais hier et c'est pour quand la suite???

Orhan Alijoski

Ya'all acting like Wells was never in the 100 smh?

Orhan Alijoski

0:24 why her leg like that

guisinho GOD


Peyman Vahedi


lungu alexandru

Why everybody forgot about Finn

Plane Glue

yo bro murphy was kinda sus

Marcelo Aguayo

Me enamore de octavia saludos desde chile

Banana army

Am i the only 1 that thought in season 1 finn did a savage move they killed the tiger animal then murphy said you think you play by youre own rules finn says i thought there were no rules like omg murphy you outplayed youreself btw im i the only 1 that thought they where like normal ppl in real life no every girl atleast 1 strip foto exepct madi cuz shes young but why btw savage move are you diyoza yes out of sanctum why? Cuz youre next to hitler and bin ladin??? savage move



nathan glover sr.

The satanic symbolism was just a bit too much, the wonton sex and anarchy was quite abhorrent, but they did a great job on the clones.


Omggg Devon / Jasper is awsome! ??? I like him so much ??

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