The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

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Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink dish on bonding over disobedience while filming Stranger Things, and they summarize Season 3 in one word.

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The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song


Christine Ricarte

caleb’s voice is everything

Jimin has all my Jams.

Lol I clicked this thinking that it was related to Jhope and Becky G but I was not disappointed. The cast is pretty funny. ?

hello girl

Am I the only one who thought about BTS's chicken noodle soup when I read the title???
Any A.R.M.Y's here??

Airis Gray

Me who thought that they'll dance chicken noodle soup by Jhope:

Unnati Gupta

I opened this cause i think they r goin to singing j hope and becky g chicken noodle soup

Nadia LB Pedersen

Either this was Recommendet and came up because of Chicken Noodle soup (Jhope) or because i love Stranger Things

Skyla Lynn

That song was very inspiring

Ben Anderson

I was extremely disappointed that this was not Bianca Dupree’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Naila Naeem

I hate how they kind of give gaten a death stare like they kinda hate him...

Joana Estrada

4:55 screen shot

Joana Estrada

When Finn said classic close to the end I can't be the only one who said classy bougie ratchet sassy Moody nasty ?

Joana Estrada

Aww I just love how Millie and Noah are looking at each other the whole time and laughing ???
I rewatched the whole interview just to see Millie and Noah look at each other

Joana Estrada

I watched the whole while looking at everyone now I'm gonna rewatch it was nd just look at Millie and Noah ?

Joana Estrada

I love this cast so much I want more interviews ??

Shifa Arif

chicken noodle soup by j hope

Dom Brown

I’m hiding in the comments so I don’t have to look at Finns shoes

Raimbek Omarov

Gaten domineered in that conversation ha ha


Caleb changed the most

yari calderone

i love millie bobby brown but she dont love me ????? sad live

Riku chan X

Stranger things: chicken noodle souuuppp

Jhope: hold my chicken noodle soup

Reza Wiradharma

El's so pretty

Niharika K

Is there anyone here
Heard jhope
Chicken noodle soup


Me: Chicken Noodle Soup - J-Hope

I'm Adaya!!

Who else thought this is "chicken noodle soup" from "hope world"

luchi pevency

Por un momento pense que iban a cantar chicken noodle soup de Jhope y becky g

Isac Orelas

I was eating chicken noodle soup while watching this


Notice how Finn was we’re farm boots


Black kid is the only one with swag

Cuddle Corner

I wanna buy this record


Caleb flexing that he invented sliding down the escalator


el:whats that voies
all:oh no
me: HAHAHaHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all:we kewn it it is her

Sameer Muham

Am I the only one who thought that they are singing j Hope's chicken noodle soup.....and clicked the video.....and ?

shaban arif

Noah is over confident and weird.

Aashna suman

I have a weird urge to tell Finn to move that hair out of his face. It’s very unsettling

Spring Hearted Tiger 62

Feels weird seeing Max wearing a dress, but I’m liking it

Lea Zuniga

i feel like Millie really held back on talking because what everyone says about her being annoying

Oisin Mcenerney

shit overated show only good season was 1

Karolina Wilk

Mike's socks really distracted me from anything else

Stranger Girl


Ohana Army

Don't tell me I'm the only one who thought it's gonna be jhope song!!


Is Noah always ontop of Millie


Everyone stop video and press 6:34 and look at Millie and Noah ?

nour rabia

7:13 the way millie and noah laugh reminds me ofmy best friend that is so accurate lol.

Blah Blah • 35 years ago

7:12 yw

ʀᴏɴxxx ᴋᴀɪᴢᴢ

El and mike❤️

Hawa Elmeghrawi

caleb is funny lol

Canyon G.

Here is what everyone looked like at the end: Millie and Noah-Laughing hard core! Sadie-innocently confused. Gaten- understanding and just downright disturbed. Caleb and Finn- Took a little and laughed too???

•Itz_Ally_ Gacha•

i thought they were talking about the k-pop song called chicken noodle soup by bts ??

Matthew T. Lowe

I ain’t gonna sit here and stunt. Caleb’s got some pipes!

Briqueen 108

“ChiCkeN no0dlE s0up, ChiCkeN no0dlE s0up” ???

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