THE TAX COLLECTOR Trailer (2020)

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Trailer for The Tax Collector starring Shia LeBeouf

ydna anicep

Miklos son

Dillon Sandhu

I do....I want that.

Aechkay Gaming

anuel aa ❤️

Bari Boy

Shia's talent is so under rated..he needs to start getting some real movie deals..these B rated gangster movies are below him! Change your agent or do something I dont know but I can't believe such a talented actor has to stoop to this level.


Another bullshit movie, my opinion Traffic was the last movie that was more or less legit.

Robert James

The Paper Bag Guy

Richard WILSON

This is the guy we need to send to Trump


ETS vaporise the currency system or similar.


I don't know. Trailer looks a mess.

Dudu francisco

parece ser bom

Jhonatan R

background music looks for it like robgz x anuel aa LHNA

Badass Abu

In 3 or four years shia will be a major contender in the oscar's
The dude's got talent ?

Mexikan In yo Momz Azz

Kinda cool Seeing OG Conejo on this lol

jason hoo

best movie ever..

thabo letlala

When is the release date?

Ramsey Telhami

Woah the new Even Stevens movie has Louis mistaken for a cartel enforcer! Looking forward to wacky hijinks.

Logan P

I'm a debt collector and I appreciate this a lot

Life as Ang

Yeah but I’m at peace with that.

That’s the motto


Can't wait to see this

Deni lvns

Did someone say Shia LeBeouf? It sounds like you've got my attention.


Well alright Shia, bringing some heat.

M. S. I.


Matthew Osborne

Eating all the bodies. Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf


Some itty bitty dudes in this movie.

Juancho Chaprieta


Arnold Jackman

Whats The song name....?

Vortex Z

Ооо не ужели Шайя Лобав

johnny quid

If Miklo had a kid....this is him....

Tamara Diy

Why did they give Shia fake ears...

Alex R

1:58 The Hulk is in it too??


He is back Shia !)

Zakir Hossain


Angel De La Torre

Zero approves Optimus approves
Foo community approves


DAMN im the only one who think Shia LeBeouf become EARS like a UFC fighter? xD
But yeah nice movie and i need to watch it and also happy to see him back on a nice movie after the big drama arround him!!!!

ffr ma

This is Hella nice ?


David Ayers...sold def gonna be good.

Training Day, End of Watch, Bright even. His dna is all over this.

Jonathan Manders

anyone know the name of the song ?

kwadwo amankwa

Looks hard

Leandrew Augusta

Why does Shia have cauliflower ears?

S Anna

Hypermasculine trash. Males watch it to feel vicariously powerful for a brief period of time. Sad

̇ ̇ǝʇnɔ ʍoɥ ¿ǝɯɐu sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ oʇ pɐǝɥ ɹnoʎ ƃuᴉʇlᴉʇ

Hello there. Welcome Back

Carlos Ramirez

Yeahh that's SKM

Mela Pelas

Hell yea cant wait.

rbflowin TV

Unfortunately, he'll always be seen as a Chocolate boy Transformers guy and not a bad A.

Bobby Esponja

I haven't hear of this IRS_ division, they take their business seriously...


That looks like it’s badass! Sucks I gotta wait for it to come out on DVD. Gonna be a while until Movie theaters open back up. This coronavirus shit never gonna end

Wilhelm Hesse

The only authentic actor today...Mr Labeouf ...but keeps acting in crappy films!

anna lima

Uaaau ???

Chloe Cabaltera

Watching this because of Lana Parrilla ?❤️

Cody Staples

Is he playing a Mexican man?

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