the best of: Villanelle (KE)

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Killing Eve is a British spy thriller television series, produced in the United Kingdom by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America, starring Sandra Oh as a British intelligence investigator obsessed with capturing a psychopathic assassin, portrayed by Jodie Comer. It is based on the Codename Villanelle novella series by Luke Jennings and was developed for television by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

The first season of eight episodes was ordered on November 15, 2016, and premiered on April 8, 2018. Shortly before its premiere, BBC America renewed Killing Eve for a second season, which premiered on April 7, 2019. The following day, BBC America renewed the series for a third season.

The show has been highly successful in both the United States and the United Kingdom, receiving critical acclaim for both the first and second seasons. The first season had unbroken weekly ratings growth among young adults especially, which no other television show had accomplished in more than a decade.


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kyla Edwards

She is actually amazing

Redd Lopez

“GET A REAL LIFE!” ?????

Cecil The sloth

Gets me every time

xue gao

“Get real life” a psychopath killer telling people how to live. Classic

Tyl3r Gamez

Are you going to kill me?

Jonathan Villafana

I love how she said stupid. STOOPID

Carel May

What's with season 3? It's a let down.

Caio F.

It reminds me when she said "I bet your kids are ugly" to Raymond. Hahahahaha...


What a sassy sociopath ?

Melody Sound

Im in love ??

Jonadab Araújo

I love your work and edit on your videos! Great work! What software you use to edit your videos ?


Hi, may i know what filter you use for this video edit?

leo oel

Pleasee part 2

leo oel

Girl we need a part 2, 2.8k is still close to 3k

Amelia Smith

“I hate ghosts” hahaha

assembled 18

Would you like to see Villanelle as a member of The Continental from John Wick films? Will she follow the rules?

Saanvi Sai

Guys, c'mon like this video. You know you want another part of this.

Tom O Mahony

The Russian accent is so sexy


He has an excellent moustache ?❤️❤️

Cyrylle Daphne





Suzannah Chirgwin-wade

I think I do not have a period .i love this girl and she definitely got more girl power .i really would like to team up with her and not get BORING

Oceane -15

I Love her! It's so boooooooooring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i loved this moment!!

Ana Lord

I Love Villanelle!

sushil kumar yadav

I hate you like I love you...


What software did you use to overlay the text?? I need to know ???

music lee

I was just watching season 1 ep. 5, and the look V. gives K after she ask what number he was . . . How can a beautiful face with hazel eyes be ssssoooo chilling. I want a poster.

Pawel T

Jodie Comer ???

Aldana Martinez

This is so BOOOOOOORING jajajajja la amo

Lois Dy

She's marvelous ?

Mark H.

Jodie was born in Mercyside, UK and naturally speaks with Liverpudlian accent.I find it incredible how she so naturally slips into several characters with various accents - the awards are coming...

What did I do?

God I loved her interactions with Konstantin's daughter. I hope they get her for S3 as well.

Louise Moreton

She is a legend. Simple as

S Koks

She is a genius
Can't wait season 3 ?

Thea Mjolnir



No gonna lie Sandra oh lives up to her name. When she SPOILERS hit you know who with the axe, she took soo fucking long and then just panted for the rest of the episode. She can't show any emotion, and don't give me some bullshit saying "it's because she's a psychopath too," Sandra oh literally can't act for shit. Also, when Villanelle pushed that random bodyguard woman into the road, eve just had some kind of mega fart and almost reached the upper atmosphere by yeeting herself out of the chair. Rant over.

Skylar Whitehead

I love this channel.

Going4ThatPrize 3

The dislikes are from Raymond ?

jon vickerson

She’s so good....she does not give a shit...?

Astroknott 58

This actress is a genius.

ROCCO Reagan

I love her?

Angel Torres

This show looks even better with that grindhouse filter over it.

Stephanie Ferreira

This is awesome!!


Bah, spoiler alert for anyone in the UK (since season 2 only started airing on June 8th).

Chloe Lewis

What’s this from


She's such a troll, I love her

golf wang

no dislikes... as it should

Izabella Julia

very cool edit <3

Steph M

"I have children."
"I don't want your children."
"No, I have children to take care of.."
"Oh. This will give them something to bond over"

Always cracks me up. The KE dialogue is genius ?

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