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Season 3 is bigger than ever, and it will be worth the wait. The new season of Yellowstone returns in 2020, only on Paramount Network.

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Yellowstone is a drama series that follows the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner). The Duttons control the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. and must contend with constant attacks by land developers, clashes with an Indian reservation and conflict with America's first national park.

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Philip Tooley

Weird show obviously made by the little hats. A ranch that is so corrupt and evil that if a ranch hand wants to quit or is fired they murder him. And all you heathen dishonorable scum applaud, but of course, this is the same group of churchians that love killing especially if its poor people in countries you can't pronounce. This country has a disease on it.

William Karchere

Drawing a blank. Can’t find it to watch. Waiting months. Abandoning this effort in disgust.

Diana Olson

By limiting availability of Yellowstone series they are losing customers. My cable carrier does not have it and if I want to stream it I have to sign a contract with some other carrier. Wish they would make it available to everyone. Big mistake.


am i the only one who dislikes monnica's character? she just doesn't fit


I feel the GOT vibe in this series.

Phantom Barr

When does it start? And why are there no dogs, I have never been on a ranch where there were no dogs.

High Hopes

Im here for Sawyer, are you?

BG 92

I can't f- ing wait this show is off the chain good. Yes I said it!! Now Josh Holloway even even better!!! Agreed more episodes please.??❤

Mary Betz

So agree. There is no reason, for the long stretch

Jonn Walter

This TV show made me want to pack up my things in Dublin, Ireland and move to Montana lol.. love to visit some day, the nature is just breath taking!


I haven’t been this blown away by acting in a series since Breaking Bad. It’s so good to be excited for something again ?


What watch next till summer ? ???‍♂️?‍♂️

The Random YouTuber

Josh Holloway as an addition to the Yellowstone universe couldn't be ANY better!

Carlos Alberto

Excelente! Brasil

Lena Martin

Freaking excited to see “Sawyer” on this show!!!!

Josh Holloway is an amazing actor!

13Fox COLT

This fukn sux..our cable company dropped paramount an cant watch all your guys good work..


Can't wait?


I have seasons 1 and 2 dvds. Can hardly Wait for Season 3. I love everything about Ranching. So nice to be able to see something like this to watch


Just give me plenty of Rip & cowboy scenes & I’m a happy gal ?

they can't kill us all

Hooked from the first episode , Not many shows can do that. Waiting breathlessly for season 3!

André Reis Teixeira



I'll be a bunk house girl, thank you ?

Racer Dave

By far the best series I have ever had the pleasure to view...the writers are off the chart. Awesome!!!

Jeremiah Baumgarten

I was actually disappointed in Season 2. So hopefully 3 is as good season 1! :P

Yuri Orloff

This show is The Wizard of Oz in jeans and Resistols. John is Dorothy, chanting "there's no place like home" on his neverending quest to save the ranch. Rip is the Scarecrow, who could help John "if he only had a brain." Beth is the Tinman, who is forever troubled by her lack of heart. Jamie is the Cowardly Lion, believing always that he lacks the courage to act. And Rainwater is the Wicked Witch of the West, the archvillain who John hopes to defeat with...water.

~The End~

Katherine Z

My West dream

Starcade 85 talk radio

it cost $744 a year to get the the package with the Paramount Network in it from dish. I cancelled dish and will wait until December and buy the Third season on eBay for $20

Goran Marjev

i hope we will not see more of politically correct "Columbus brought genocide to western hemisphere " type of bullshit .


Kind of reminds me of the old series "Dallas" only better. Some really good actors here and they are rocking it. Can't wait to see Josh this season. I just wish it wasn't so spread out. You kind of forget what happens from one season to the next because they are so far apart.

Eric Jones

My favorite show, it’s great

Danielle Keiser

When is it coming on you said in the summer

Manny L

I can't wait! Better than season 2? Rip is my favorite character.

Lugina Brown

I can’t get enough of Rip. When he saved Beth❤️❤️❤️... I will never grow tired of seeing him in those jeans. ???

Mailon Williams

All honesty how good is this show before i watch

Mark Haynie

Some of the story lines actually happen. My father-in-law has a ranch in Montana. You have the rich west coast people move in an do things like filing lawsuits to get water rights that aren't for sale and they have no right to them. Retaining an attorney to protect what is already his in just a financial nut punch. It's all in financially hurt the rancher to drive them into financial despair. My father-in-law needs a "Rip".

Lea Marie

I Hope they finally get into why Beth hates Jamie so much. Or have I missed that part

Deborra Strom

Kevin, Always loved your acting and every movie you have ever done. Love this Cast/ location/ story. I must say, the disappointing....thing in Yellow stone is: the writing doesn't make sense in more than one place???? Please consider. Thanks or explain more..for it to make sense. Stupid to make the lawyer brother so extremely nothing, it would be more balanced less obvious than that..more unpredictable. Complicated. So the other son's wife. The anger the sister has against the attorney brother is out of proportion. The field hand he adopted...(sort of) should marry sister no matter what happens. Much love...but my 2 cents. Most of it is Sooo good. Then there are those 20% parts just soo bad in comparison. Love the ending in Season 2. And when the sister defends the sister-in-law!

Lookey Who

Beth is hot. I would drink her bath water.

Jennifer Madrid

Never enough episodes because you guys leave us hanging. Like when Kevin is flown to hospital, is the character have cancer? Also what the hell happen with the Indian wife one min she’s in bed with her husband then next she appears to have moved on? Too much of the story wasn’t explained


I am soooooo ready for S3

True crimer Girl

I can’t find this show where do you watch it?

Maria Aparecida

É melhor sério que tem é yellowston a melhor eu adoroo por que Ninguém coloca dublado ?


This summer? Wtf probably forget all about it by then.


Way to short of a series. Love this show

Country Dingess

Can’t wait!!!! I had to go out & buy season 1 & 2?


Rick #1

Michele Bode

Where can you watch this?

alan passmore

It's a bloody awesome show can't wait for season 3, ???? for me..

Sergio Sanchez

Can't wait, this is a great show.

Henry Lopez

Love the show. I love beth attitude

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