Westworld S3 - Space Oddity - The Classic Rock String Quartet

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Space Oddity - The Classic Rock String Quartet

From Westworld Season 3 Episode 5

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Jxnfr 0009

As in the episode I now listen to this song in the midst of so much disaster

Luis Endera


It's worth it.


Yash D

There couldn't be a more appropriate setting for this classic.

Amir N

Saw that episode today! And this music caught me almost immediately after a few notes being played.

F Rog

Un jour ce sera l'hymne de notre monde, si nous sommes capable

Robert Pait

Im half watching WW when I hear this....OMG! Now Im here searching for more!

Daniel Martins

I feel sad that Ramin didn't actually "invented" the variation of the songs, he just composed over what other composers did, first in Paint It Black, and now this one.

Seth Manning

I thought the first episode of this season lacked a bit, but I thought it recovered quickly after that point. Surprised to see so many negative comments about it. Music as always was perfect!

Claudia Acosta

A master piece in a beautiful cover or reinvention

Saúl Gamboa

She's sending them off their loops...

Blu Murder

Every once in a while music will bring me to tears with it's beauty....

Didier Guillou

Best moment of this season!


The season sucks so bad


What happened to this show? The last 2 episodes were utter trash.



Blake Alfaro

im crying i feel like we are never gonna get season 4

Bilgehan Biricik

This version is better than the released OST!

Hichem Hichem

don't be afraid to die...we never die when someone still remember you....You will live forever in the mind of someone who love youa if i ll keep this memories beneath his heart

rcg gnb

This is so beautiful, god damn.

Jh Zhou

The story of Person of Interest didn't end. It just became the Westworld

Guillote r

cuando una cancion es bella en cualquier formato queda bien

Omar Dimelo

Ironic that the aside from the Bernard, Dr Ford dialogue from Season 1, the music from the show is the best part of Westworld

? Joker ¿

Song perfect 👌👌👌👌

Mr Smile

I know this is ridiculous but does anyone also thinks that the part from 1:24 to 1:31 sounds a bit like the opening of Steven universe lol

Ali K

Wish this was on spotify too


Ramin Djawadi is genieous

Sam Hikes

I have no choreography skills but I want so badly for someone to make a choreographed dance routine to this. It’s haunting.


How can I find this on Spotify? Why has there been such uneven releases

Chad Burnette

This song should play during the Earth's end credits scene.

Drew Rushmer

Recognized this from the first bar and was just blown away. Brilliant.

Winston Ko

First Watchmen, and then Westworld
Bowie and HBO forever !!!


Havent started on Westworld yet. How has s3 been and Is it worth watching?

Alejandro Garcia

When you were a child
They told you the stars would be yours
That dreams could be made reality
By the power of your thoughts
By the virtue of your innocence

That you could have the world and everything in it.

They let you have it all, except the truth.

You're not special for having been born
You're not unique for having thoughts
You're not valuable even for drawing breath
You're certainly not wiser for living in this "modern" world

You are unbound from time and space
Lost to history, chained to this dismal present 
whose future is no longer yours and whose past won't die
Living in a cage of your own insecurities and self-doubt
Enthralled to masters you cannot see
But who sign all your paychecks
and then sell you shit to buy 
with all the money you gave your brief time on earth for.

You could be free, but do you really want to be?
Are you not safer in this cage they have built for you?
That you have built for yourself?
Would you rather not see the sunrise on a new world
Far from this one?

You can live that life
You can have that dream.

But not in this world
Not in this life.

To know freedom, to truly know living........

You must learn to face death. 
To face the darkness, and not run from it.


The violin sounds out of tune...

Jaime Lannister

I'd rather never know my future

Alessandro Diviccaro

Ramin Djawadi jas to enter in the hall of fame of best composers in history

Rejwana Haque Pial

nerve wrecking!!

Clint Westwood


Subarno Sinha

To those 13 people who have disliked this: Are you not happy? What else do you want from music?

la barrière highlander

So beautiful

Gabriel Reis

For some reason that I don't know how to explain, when this song starts in the episode, it seem to converge with the version by Seu Jorge (very well rated by Bowie, by the way). The way he addapted this lyrics, just describe the main point of the episode. I strongly reccomend you all to go after it. Surely, that's something I freely associated.


1:24 sounds like Steven Universe for a moment

Jackson May

“The right information at the right time is deadlier than any weapon”.

soumyajyoti mukherjee


Leon Busmilles

Çal Ramin Çalll

Akshay Joshi

Rip David Bowie.


This could be used in an explosion scene 💖

Atomic Dreamz

Ramin Djawadi is a phenomenal composer (is that what he's called?), but it literally says in the title of the video that this isn't him? I don't understand why so many people are giving him the credit, tbh. It sounds kinda similar to his stuff, I guess, but still pretty distinct in my mind.

Jochanan Ergantheo

Listening this on my birthday, to see how the chaos on pandemic and followed by economic chaos happen